Homebred from Hannahai by Lamu. Bay filly, her name is a play on Lamu and also after the Lemurs in Madagascar. She is a big horse, always keen to adopt and befriend new horses in the yard, she has a kind nature and lovely paces.

Lilly Trotter

(Lamu x Sahara, bay mare) Born August 2010. Her name translates as a bird, the African Jacana, which is common in the delta and likes to walk on the Lily pads. A dainty mare with a kind eye, she is foster mother to Bongo our little colt who lost his mother to AHS when he was 3 weeks old. Lilly …


Botswana Warnblood, Likipia is a Homebred. Full brother to Kujwana, Mabowa, Komatsu and Kiwayu  and half brother to Topknott, Kuke, Pangani and Osh Gosh, his mother XaiXai by Lamu. Strongly resembles his father with striking hind socks, he is lively and playful.


Homebred born on Christmas Day 2009.  Bright Bay out of Xai Xai by Lamu.  Kiwayu is an island in northern Kenya. He is the spitting image of his big brothers Likipia and Mabowa.


Homebred. Full brother to Mabowa, Likipia, Kiwayu and Komatsu.  His mother is XaiXai, by Lamu. His name means baby hippo in Setswana and is also the name of our base camp. He is tough, bold and very comfortable to ride.


Botswana Warmblood. Kuke is a homebred chestnut gelding, standing over 16hh, born at Guma Lagoon. His father is our stallion Lamu and his mother was Selinda, a big TB mare (American saddle bred x TB). He is half brother to Pangani and Topknott.  Kuke has grown into a very special safari horse with lovely paces and great attitude.


Homebred. Full brother to Kujwana, Mabowa, Likipia and Kiwayu. His mother is XaiXai by Lamu, although we suspect Mr Guma’s stallion may have pipped Lamu to the post! He was born at Guma in the Delta. A robust horse he is named after our TLB digger! He is a wonderful strong safari horse.


Botswana Warmblood, Africa is a homebred. Born Oct 2011 Dam: Medjumbe Sire: Lamu. Chestnut gelding with a white African blaze on his face, hence his name. So young yet so big, Africa has overtaken his week older half sister by miles. A young gentleman with bags of potential.


(Savannah) From South Africa. A black Anglo Arab x Boerperd. She has produced some beautiful foals with Lamu, and is a lovely riding mare. She has a tooth growing the wrong way on the off side of her jaw – this does no harm but is unusual.


Iron grey gelding Boerperd bought in SA from the Hancke Boerperd stud. He is named after a region of South Africa, which means, ‘where the sun rises’.