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2018 Safari Awards:

Best Location – Finalist

Best Design – Finalist

Best Riding Safari (Botswana) – Winner

Best Riding Safari (Africa) – Runner Up


We’re extremely proud to have won many awards (some listed above); we’ve also had some very nice articles written about us, listed below; above all of these however, the kind words of our guests are the thing we’re most proud of, some of which you can read below.

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Guest Book Comments

June 5, 2019 

I have just returned from Okavango horse safaris. Barney and PJ have built a holiday destination from the heart. They have a passion for Botswana and the delta that you can feel in every corner of their creation.
The horses are excellent. I rode 4 horses while there, Waterford on day one, a skewbald Clydesdale cross – a safe pair of hands to check how I rode, then Lima, Seaswell and kiwayu , all fit well schooled and amazing to ride over the terrain of the delta at all paces. It may have been the romance of the place , but I rate Lima as one of the best horses I have ever ridden.
Our guide, Rogers, is an extremely talented man with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the flora and fauna and the most amazing eyesight. As well as seeing animals hidden in the grass or a mile away on the tree line, he picks up trails in the sand to track as he rides along. This is the real deal – I feel sorry for those whose safaris involve sitting in a van while their guide radios a friend and drives to find a besieged lion being scrutinised by the occupants of a dozen Nissan vans.
The accommodation is spacious with mod cons that a softy like me needs, when considering how deep in the bush you are, what they have achieved in this area is remarkable.The food is fantastic and the atmosphere wonderful. I would recommend this for people travelling alone, as a couple or groups of friends.
I would most strongly recommend visiting. My advice would be to get riding fit if you don’t ride regularly, To get the most from this holiday you will need to cope with a lot of time in the saddle at walk trot and canter/gallop. If your a novice rider you should get some lessons and take an easier riding holiday first in preparation. I ride a fair bit (not to any great standard) and was comfortable throughout, but I got the feeling those who were a bit loose with the truth about their abilities were suffering a little.
As with any riding holiday, be honest with your weight and ability, if in doubt contact them and talk it over. There is the option for game drives should you struggle.
MAKE THE EFFORT! You won’t regret it.

June 2016

To PJ, Barney and every single staff member. Sadly have to leave this wonderful place and its lovely people. Thank you for having me and sharing this beautiful paradise. Loved the rides and learnt a lot from Rodgers. Felt at home from day one. Mokowane – beautiful – would’ve loved to stay there longer and make the journey on horseback – next time! Lovely to see the horses roam free in a herd as nature intended. Happy horses! So much to do so little time… A BIG BIG THANK YOU!! Ellen

Our two nights here have been such an amazing experience. Getting to see the Delta from horseback was a once in a lifetime adventure. Our time off the horses was equally wonderful. PJ and Barney, as well as Duncan and Gareth, were all so friendly and fun to chat with. We’re very sad to leave, but so thankful to have stayed. All the best! The Oakley Eight

Thank you for the fantastic five days of wonder. Our family had such a great time and truly enjoyed our time at Kujwana and Mokawane. The highlight was our experiences with Percy and Rodgers – we will ever forget the “Bush Brothers” – their antics and stories are etched in our memories. The staff were fantastic also although I will always look at curried chicken in a different light – thinking of baboons! Thank you again for everything. Sam, Jone, Emma and Maggie Sampson-Weirichs

Thank you for everything! Hospitality was great, we felt right at home. Horses were beautiful and always felt great on the trail. Thanks for looking out for us! Emmett and Elizabeth

A thousand thanks for a brilliant safari! John

Harry’s 90th birthday party. Some of us were here ten years ago to celebrate his 80th. Since then this paradise has brought new friends and very special experiences. Thank you very much – all are friends and not least of all Barney and PJ. Molly

Best birthday party ever! Arthur

The best party setting ever. Such a memorable week, fantastic people, wonderful horses. Harry is a legend. Thank you PJ and Barney, hopefully we will re-visit! Jeanette Bakewell xx

What a wonderful experience made all the better by wonderful people. It makes me hope that when I’m 90 I’ll be in the same place! Thank you for the best holiday/party. Olivia

A magic week in a magical place. What an honour and privilege to share this with Harry and friends. Thanks to everyone and the horses. John and Wendy

Thanks for the puff adder!! Max

Words seem so inadequate to describe what has been a most fantastic party. I have so enjoyed all the activities and very much appreciate all the hard work that has been put into its organisation. Great to meet new friends too. Many thanks for everything and I hope to see you again before too long! PJ and Barney – you run a great ship! Kate

Visit number eighteen! Says it all dear old friends! Hugs and thanks for super hospitality.               John and Wilma Cruise xx

Thanks so much for an absolutely incredible holiday, everything was perfect from the horses to the company! Hopefully we will be back soon! Thanks again to all the team – you were brilliant! Helen

April/May 2016

To all at Kujwana and Mok, a fantastic ten days with more highlights than most have in a year. We were treated like royalty, the food was superb, the accommodation was perfect and of course the horses – well, how to describe a dream come true?! We had all sorts of experiences of an unusual nature – monkeys sneaking in after lunch to steal our fruit; driving the jeep within ten feet of a docile elephant; same with a pride of well fed lions; an elephant coming into the camp area to send us off on our way home; camping out under the stars in the bush for an exceedingly comfortable night under mosquito nets on bed rolls which you did not want to get out of in the morning! Got to stop here. Others need to write. Oh – one of the reasons we didn’t want to get out of bed on our sleep out was that we went to bed delightfully pissed on the good wine we were saved. A wonderful magical time. Lesley Torian

To OHS dream team! Thank you SO much for the best couple of days. I can’t believe my luck – this place is heaven on earth. Fondest memories were the Mokoro trip and the hippos taking a keen interest in us – fun for us but maybe a little tense for Duncan! And I’ll never forget Rodgers’ eagle eye – what an amazing spot of the most gorgeous threesome of lion. I hope to be back to do some riding and some fishing! Adelaide Kant – Scotland

Thank you so much for such an amazing start to our honeymoon! We have been so well looked after by everyone and seen so many amazing things. Cantering alongside the giraffe and lots of zebra was a definite highlight. We’re still in shock that Rodgers spotted a lion by a leg sticking out of the bush from about  kilometre away!! Sophia and Tom Bromet

Dearest Duncan, Gareth, Hetty, Katie and all at OHS who made our stay so unforgettable – THANK YOU! What an incredible and magical place to begin married life – absolutely everything about this place is special. We feel really lucky to have been able to experience it with you guy – every box has been ticked, however I have a feeling this won’t be our last visit! Daisy and JamieMonchtun – London

What a truly special place, thank you so much for everything. Victoria x

Thanks for an excellent week – brilliant and entertaining guides, wonderful and well behaved horses and impeccable hosts. Holidays go so quickly, but memories last forever! Eddy Foster

Fantastic week. Loved every moment of it. Thank you to everyone for looking after us all so well. Jeremy Pemberton

What an amazing week – totally unforgettable, thank you all so much. Magical place, wonderful horses (especially Captain Sid!) and we have been looked after incredibly well. Until the next time! Sarah x

Thank you so much for having me, I have had an amazing trip and really enjoyed meeting everyone. Hopefully I will see you all again soon! Suzie xxx

Such an amazing trip to OHS – we are very lucky!! Thank you to PJ and Barney and all their wonderful staff. Special thanks to our guides, Gareth (huggy bear) and Percy (bigger huggy bear)!

March 2016

An incomparable week in the Okavango Delta. MAGICAL! Thanks to you all for providing such an adventure. I’m sure the safari sisters will have a difficult time topping it! Truly life changing – WOW! Cindy Frewen – Kansas City, USA

What a beautiful week with amazing people, food animals and FUN! Thank you for your warm hospitality, I look forward to the return!! Gwen

To the best safari staff! Thank you so much for sharing your magical place in the Delta. It is one of the most memorable times of my life. I can’t wait to come and see this place in the rainy season. I loved all of the horses that I rode but especially Letotsi. He was such a joy to ride – remember he loves having his ears scratched! Lisa Donnelly – Kansas City, USA

Amazing experience; form the morning tea to the charging elephant. Great horses and great guides! Thank you! Iona Pla

February 2016

Thank you very much for this great experience and wonderful time. I will definitely come back when the flood will be here. Thanks a lot to everybody. I really enjoyed it (except from the first canter – being charged by a honey badger, dead hippo, in the middle of a herd of elephants…..GREAT!) Lots of fun! Jessica – Germany

Thank you for a lovely exciting holiday! I will never forget the charging honey badger, the “dead” hippos or that we almost used a bearbanger on this scary herd of….. impalas…. I hope I’ll come back to see this place in winter. Elise – Norway

Ditto to everything Elise wrote, and that’s for the great horses – sorry Lima but Likipia won in the end! See you soon, Sally x – UK

What can I say, what a terrific amazing place! Terrific and helpful staff, now well and truly friends, horses fantastic – couldn’t have asked for better. An experience of a lifetime but opened up a new world for me. Most wonderful friends… the gin twins! Roy and Kathie

Wish we filmed more – especially the mock charge! Thank you so much for an incredible experience! The horses were so lovely and the game was great. Shout-out to Percy and Rodgers who kept us laughing and well informed. Hope to come back when the water is up. Bye!                                          Demi, Athena and Jacky – Zambia

22nd December 2015

Dearest PJ and Barney and team, what and extraordinary experience! From the camps, overnight under the stars, to the food to the horseback safari… the list goes on. Your hospitality and warmth, humour and stories have provided us with – here comes the cliché – the trip of a lifetime! Thank you. You’re welcome in California any time! Tony, Mary Elizabeth, Sophie and Kathryn Hansen – USA

21st November 2015

Best trip of a lifetime. Saw lots and drank lots! My first gin and tonic was here. The best people to be with. David Trant – Ireland

Dear team, one of the best weeks of my life. Thank you, thank you thank you!!                                      Elaine Henhhy – Ireland

10th November 2015

An amazing experience of the wildlife and nature of the Delta with such professional and experienced guiding! Thank you! Rodgers would find all the animals for us, herds of beautiful zebra, baby giraffes, hundreds of buffalo etc. And we were cantering all along with them. We had exciting encounters with elephants, which were plenty, and we then found the lions (11!!) in the midst of it all, we felt very safe with our guide! I hope we’ll be back!

30th October 2015

This week has been truly outstanding in every way. Thank you to the staff who are all excellent – superb food, well kept horses, very comfortable accommodation, wonderful inspiring guides. Botswana and the Delta are now with me forever. I can’t wait to come back. Andrea Swaffield

An amazing experience…that’s all I can say! We were so well looked after from beginning to end and I can’t wait to return. Thank you to everyone. This place is the nearest to the garden of Eden I can imagine! Jennie Franklin

I’m never disappointed coming back here, some things change but the Okavango always has a place in my heart. The terrific staff, beautiful location, outstanding food and of course the wonderful horses. Can’t wait until the next time. Lauren Knightly

16th October 2015

All good things must come to an end, and this whole trip has been fantastic. Horses exceptional, all staff and guides thoughtful and helpful. Our fifth visit to the Delta but first to PJ and Barney – we hope not the last! Each day memorable. David, Amanda, Jackson, Graeme and Alison Young – UK

We had such adventures with amazing horses. What a beautiful land, so untouched by the hand of man. It was a privilege to see this remarkable place. This experience will leave an incredible mark on our souls and hearts that will stay with us through future travels. The baby rhino, the shooting stars and the wild dogs were magical. Tingle and Richard Barnes, Sascha Abramson and Phil Hamilton

To everyone! Wow! What a magical experience, place, people and now moment – thank you everyone for this incredible ten days of wonderful life! What an amazing special time – cheers!    Wren and Roland Sicard

14th October 2015

Kealeboga! A wonderful and exciting holiday is going to end. It was something very special. Thanks to Barney and PJ. Thanks to all the friendly staff. A special thanks to our perfect guides, Rodgers and Pixley and last but not least our beloved Percy!! All the horses are groomed so perfectly and are all in the best shape. I hope to come back once again. Elizabeth

13th October 2015

PJ and Barney, thank you so much for pulling back the curtain on the wonderland that is the Okavango Delta! This time has exceeded all expectations and will be a special memory for many years to come. I hope to be back…. need to find more adventurous horse friends to come with me! Best wishes and many thanks! Laura – USA

PJ and Barney, thank you for a fab trip. The horses are amazing and the staff have been fantastic, Percy had us laughing out loud and Rodgers has been an amazing guide. Likipia has been my favourite horse and has tested my seat but has a lovely character. Thank you for a wonderful trip – hoping to come back soon! Laura – Watford, UK

Thank you all so very much for such an amazing holiday! It’s been life changing! Love Africa and Botswana, it’s so beautiful, I never imagined my trip would be this good. All the horses are lovely and stunning to ride. It’s lovely to see how well they are looked after and cared for. All the staff have been super friendly and I will miss Percy’s stories. Hopefully one day I will get the chance to return to this magical place! Louise – Isle of Man

Thank you PJ and Barney. This has been an amazing holiday. All the staff are fantastic and lovely to be with, the horses are amazing – so well trained and looked after. We were so lucky with all the game – I am always amazed at Rodgers’ ability to spot them! It has been a life changing experience and I wish I was staying here longer. I hope to be back soon. Jess Parker – Sydney

4th October 2015

Wow! What beautiful memories we are all bringing back with us. Thank you Duncan, Rodgers, Percy, Gladys, Geraldine and all of the girls and their beautiful singing, and of course PJ ad Barney! Your horses are wonderful. I’ll remember Mahale and Sherif for a long time! And the “baboon” curry 😉 Lots of love, Melanie – France

Duncan, Rodgers, Percy, Boy, Sherif, Gladys and all the girls and boys of the staff, you all made our stay pure magic – we will keep you for always in our hearts – thank you PJ and Barney!

Thank you for the wonderful time!

What a fabulous vacation! Thank you so much to all of you for making it happen. Your kindness and your patience (!) have been key to this success. We came with great expectations – built way in advance. They were exceeded in all fields. Your horses are amazing, and your knowledge endless knowledge of the wildlife and the country have broadened our horizons. As we leave, we want to return. Kind regards, Alex Westphalee – France

Thank you so much for this amazing vacation. I had an amazing time thanks to you all. Sad to leave but bringing back the beautiful memories of this incredible place with all of its incredible wildlife and the wonderful people who have made it such an amazing time – great staying with you all! Kind regards, Astrid Westphalee – France

26th September 2015

Thank you for such a fabulous safari experience. Mummy and I have been talking about doing this for so very long and it was worth the wait. Everyone has been so welcoming and we could not have been looked after better. The food and accommodation was superb – far more refined than we expected. All the staff were incredible but in particular, Percy, Rodgers and Chief made our trip so enjoyable and informative. Rodgers satisfied all our constant questions with ease and charm. We loved our ponies: Denotsi, Sid, Lima and Likipia to name a few. They were in such beautiful condition and they became our friends and companions throughout. We couldn’t have had such an amazing trip though without the fantastic organisation of Duncan: at all times cheerful, helpful, well organised and funny. Thank you once again! Kate and Jaquie

Dear Duncan, Geraldine, Rodgers, Barney, PJ and all the beautiful staff here at Okavango Horse Safaris. I had been dreaming about Africa and this trip for months and months – and once I arrived and ventured into the ten day trip all of my expectations and dreams were blown out of the water with extraordinary experiences above my wildest imagination. I have definitely fallen in love with the Delta and wild Africa. The three camps I experienced were perfect with such attention to detail that never ceased to surprise me. The number and diversity of game tremendous and I saw and shared moments with all of them. There are so many highlights I cannot pick one, apart from having the opportunity to share this amazing experience with my Mum. A memory always to treasure. Thank you all so very much, your never ending charm, warmth and service was perfect. I hope to return again – and I will be dreaming of Africa. Best wishes, Claire Nabern – Perth, Western Australia

Thank you to Duncan for leading the way through our time in the Delta with such wonderful experiences and surprises seeing those magnificent animals. For many years I have hoped one day I would ride horses amongst these most beautiful animals through water and land and we have had it all and more. The horses (ALL WHITE) have been far better than I imagined with wonderful staff to look after them so beautifully, and to see them crossing the water at lunch time is a wonderful sight. Rodgers has been so much fun always telling stories and keeping us so very safe while out and filling us with all his knowledge as have Duncan, Geraldine, Andrew and the other guides. You have all been so helpful, kind, happy and interesting which I can see is down to the amazing organisation from the top with PJ and Barney who have made this all possible, we appreciate it, with many thanks. So spoiled to be with Claire to share it all. Best wishes.                                                                    Diana – 12 Bird St, Mosman, Wesr Australia.

Thank you Duncan, Rodgers, Percy and all of the excellent staff. What a wonderful week. It was the experience of a lifetime! Many thanks, May

24th September 2015

It has been absolutely amazing being here. Fantastic organisation in every detail – perfect!! Thank you very much for taking such good care of us – and the horses! It has been my first time in Africa – but surely not my last!! Juliane, Bertie – Germany

Simply the best trip I have done! Good horses, perfect lodging, wonderful food – and most importantly: the super staff! Leander

Thank you for making a wonderful time with the horses and all the animals we saw. I’ve started counting the days until I come back next year. Conni

13th September 2015

Thanks so much for a great three days – wonderful experience – what fun! Good game viewing – thanks again – just love Africa!                                                                                                                                 Liz and Steve Ricklif

We had an absolutely wonderful time. The highlight of the stay was seeing the African wild dog puppies playing. INCREDIBLE! Thank you!                                                                                                 Brooklyn and Keith Waren

A beautiful part of the world! Wonderful horses, amazing wildlife and the unspoiled Delta. We had a terrific time! Pat and Dan Baker

We were first here (with OHS) in 1995 for our combined 90th birthdays and returned now for a combined 130th!! (do the maths…) The comforts have improved of course but the games and the hospitality remain as impressive as ever. Thank you to everyone and let’s see if we can return for the combined 150th…….                                                                                                                                                   Peta and Edwin McAules (Hong Kong)

Thank you so much for an AMAZING life time experience. We have both enjoyed every minute of the time we spent with you. Thank you so much again. Shonagh and Eric (Ireland and France)

It was everything we dreamed of. A true African experience. The horses were fantastic and true professionals. Many thanks for the hospitality. Mike and Helen Pugsley (Ireland and Wales)

Such a great experience! The staff was amazing. The horses were beautifully cared for. The guides knowledgeable and the food at camp was amazing. Surpassed all our expectations. Every second was a blast! Thank you so much for such a great time. Petra – Florida, USA

This has been the trip and experience of a lifetime. Absolutely five star all round. Amazing horses and guides. Thank you for everything. I hope to return some time soon. Vanessa – Tennessee, USA

8th September 2015

Words fail. To describe the experience is like trying to capture the sunrise: impossible. I only wish to express my gratitude for the kindness and generosity of all the staff; it was committing beyond the call of duty. Thank you! Martha Anisluff

Absolutely incredible week! Experiences were beyond imagination and dreams. Delightful and talented staff. Spectacular wildlife, birds and vegetation. Appreciated the going beyond attitude of guides. Can’t thank you enough … would love the opportunity to return the hospitality. Thank you! Sue Storen and John Pascoe

Thank you for a truly amazing – we will treasure these memories forever. We had fun and laughs all week, saw incredible game and were looked after by you all so well – a holiday of a lifetime.   Annelise Barrelet

Thank you to all the staff and horses for a fabulous experience. Africa at its very best!                            Fred Barrelet

1st September 2015

The sunsets and the moonrises, canters with sexy giraffes and angry honey badgers. Catching crocs and watching elephant water games outside my cabin. And oh, the mighty hyena encounters! But it is the camp animals and people that make this place and you are all the kindest, most generous bunch. So in no particular order:

  • To all the girls who prepared most delicious food and most comfortable cabin. We love you and you have the best smiles on the earth!
  • To all the guys who took care of the horses – you are stars!
  • To William, thank you for providing the perfect back up “guidance” and camp entertainment!
  • To Andrew – yes, you are fantastic. Who needs a WIKI?!
  • To Rodgers – YOU ARE THE MAN! John Wayne meets the crocodile hunter with Hollywood looks!
  • Milly – so great to have you with us. Best of luck in your course and theatre career.
  • Duncan – you have a magic touch. Thank you for making the whole experience so great.
  • Finally, to Zulu, my most caring PERFECT pony – you made me the pickiest rider. Don’t know how I will be able to appreciate another horse!

Best of luck to all of you in your future endeavours and may our paths cross again.                             Ana

G’day, Ana has summed up the experience very well – to many memorable moments to list from the few days I’ve been here, my abs are as sore from laughing as they are from riding and my face hurts from wearing the biggest grin the past three days. So grateful for the experience, to have met such wonderful people, to ride such beautiful horses and have some epic experiences with the local wildlife. Thanks to everyone for making this an incredible trip – I’ll be bragging about the experience for some time and telling so many people to visit and experience a safari or horseback with OHS. Cheers. Leanne x

29th August 2015

Thank you guys so much for a lovely and unforgettable week, for showing us the beauties of the Okavango Delta, for taking such good care of us and for giving us a fun time! Thanks for sending elephants into camp every night too! We’ll take great memories back to Germany and hope to see you and those lovely horses again!                                                                                                                       Steffi

24th August 2015

An unforgettable experience in an exceptional setting, looked after splendidly both on and off horseback – it wastruly wonderful to spend five days together with the OHS family.                      Federico, Nicole, Giorgia, Angelica, Giovanni, Ludovica and Nicolé

18th August 2015

Eu un mot, le Botswana c’est … MAGIQUE! Merci pour tout.

Translation; In one word, Botswana is … MAGIC! Thank you for everything.                                                Saloué

I can’t draw as we as Saloué so I will only use words. But I don’t know the words to describe well enough all that I felt in front of all of those animals and in camp thanks to all the kindness and efficiency of the whole staff. I already came once but two times is not enough. I am not yet gone but I already want to come back. Thanks to all for everything.                                                                           Sylvia

14th August 2015

Thank you to everyone for creating such a wonderful experience for us. The horses were first class – especially Lima and Dothraki! Kevin particularly enjoyed his encounter with the lion and lioness – a big thanks to Percy for looking after him so well. Caroline was thrilled to canter with giraffe and zebra. David appreciated seeing the leopard. Very best wishes to all staff who made us feel so very special.                                                                                                                                                                            Susan, Kevin, David and Caroline Howes                                                                                                                Nightingale Farm, East Sussex, England

13th August 2015

This was an amazing way to spend a double birthday. We loved the poo cake. The food was amazing. Thanks to Gideon’s eagle eyes we were lucky enough to see a family of wild dogs. Our daily treat was fishing. Heath does apologise for breaking most of your fishing rods. We thank you all for an amazing experience of a life time. Thank you for the wonderful story telling PJ and Ian.                                      Love Heath, Glen, Oliver, Liam, Diana, Ian.                                                                                                                                            P.s. thank you to Millie, Will and Andrew for being AWESOME!

24th July 2015

Big highlight was seeing PJ catch a crocodile and bring it on our boat for a good look! Two things that could be better are heating in the swimming pool and clear water not yellow! Look forward to seeing you both at Sandhili in October to see how we are able to improve!                                                                           A x – Sandhili Racing, Bilbrook, Minehead, Somerset

Thank you so much for a fantastic week! Lots of elephants, giraffes, wild dog, crocodile, hippos – fantastic food and wine! Thank you, Diana x

Thank you all so much for a fantastic week on safari, we have had a lot of memories to take home with us. A wonderful champagne lunch for Philip’s 60th on Sunday. Katherine getting wet swimming her horse, me being knocked off my horse with no saddle, lions chasing our horses on lunch break and three coming home without us and seeing four bull elephants in the full moon splashing outside our camp fire . Sarah Hobbs (Mother!)

Brilliant week for all our family, all fantastic. Thank you so much especially PJ, Barney, Percy and Rodgers.                                                                                                                                                                 Philip

You have all been amazing, I have loved every moment and you’ve all taken care of us so well. I will miss you guys and all the excitement – even during our siestas! Thank you so much!                        Caroline Hill

What an amazing holiday! Lots of excitement around every corner! Thank you all so much!                 Katherine